At YLD, you'll be an engineer!

You won't only develop, you'll solve problems, and work with your team to find the best technologies, architecture, methodology to succeed.

YLD is an agile, flexible and passionate group of developers.

We take a hands on approach with our work, engaging directly with every stage of the development process.

We integrate at critical points with our client's in-house team according to their needs. Our goal is never to just deliver but always to also up-skill their whole team.

Pair programming, best practice, meet-ups, workshops... those are in our DNA!

We are growing, and we want our engineers to grow with us!

  • 25 days holidays

  • Flexible hours

  • £2000/year personal training - Your choice!

  • 6 months parental leave

  • Laptop ( Mac or Dell )

  • Health insurance